Monday, March 3, 2008

Just one reason I can't stand Wal-Mart

So today is Thursday...and the last day Eldon has off.. I am trying to talk him into going to the grocery store with me. You see, I hate doing it all by myself, and well, taking all of our kids to the store is a little like suicide..I will share just a couple highlights from the last trip I made to the store...with 4 kids....alone....duh, duh, duh It was Eliza's birthday, and her dad had given her a big fat $100 bill for her birthday, and she wanted me to take her to the store. Eliza wanted to buy herself some lip gloss. I thought ok, sure, we will pick up the groceries for her Birthday dinner and cake while we are there.Eldon had a friend over, they were in the knife shop, so I knew he wouldn't keep the baby, no big deal....well, Julia (8) gets wind of the fact we are going to Walmart and wants to come, Chloe (3) hears about it and want to come too....So I load all 4 of the girls into the van for a quick trip to Walmart..So we are shopping, and I tell Eliza(11) that she really should save her $100 for a big purchase, and not nickle and dime it away, so she thinks she might like to buy a skateboard...we are looking at the bikes and skateboards and Chloe(3) jumps on a cute little red trike...she is driving around in circles, just begging for me to buy it.Julia starts complaining that her legs are tired, Emmy poops in her diaper (of course) and Eliza can't decide...maybe if we look at the lipgloss again??So my quick trip is now on it's second hour, and the baby is screaming..Julia is tired, Eliza is sad that we haven't found the perfect birthday lip gloss and Chloe is riding the red trike behind me thinking I am going to buy it!I finally make it thru the check out, and I am making my way to the front door...I peel Chloe off the trike, and she pitches a huge fit, I hand the trike over to the old fart door greeter, who is mad at me..."You can't leave this here." he barks, I apologize, explaining that I normally wouldn't do this, but I have my hands full..."Oh, whatever!" he marches off...At this point, I am at my wits' end...several things are happening all at once..~Emmy is screaming because she has sh*tty diaper~Chloe is crying because I won't buy a $39 trike for her on Eliza's birthday~Eliza is crying and disappointed because the United States of Walmart doesn't carry Burt's Bees Lipgloss, her favorite.~Julia is crying, because the Walmart greeter is mad at us...I make it out to the minivan and my girls are so surpised at the way Mom is acting, she just left the cart in the parking lot...she didn't take it over to the cart coral????So, my friends....this is why I don't take all of the kids to the store alone...really, can you blame me?ps.... as for the grumpy store greeter, what's up with him?...would it really ruin his day to walk a little red trike back to the toy dept....really what does he have to do all day? Give out smiley face stickers? I should have said "here, you hold the stinky baby, and watch the 3 year old throw the world's biggest fit.....I'll take the trike back!"
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The Lovell's said...

Oh man, I think we can all sympathize with that one! Sounds like the Walmart greeter is the one who needed the sticker that day!