Saturday, October 18, 2008

Medical update. New family member

Wow...have I really been away from my blog for so long.

Here's for trying better.

Update. My health is improving and I am hopeful that I will be finished with IV antibiotics in just a couple of weeks. I have had my PICC line since the July 24th (Utah's Pioneer Day) weekend, I hope to be done in time for Halloween. Fourteen long weeks. I will not be sorry to see that IV pole go.

Oseomyelitis is not my friend. Modern antibiotics are. They have saved my life.

So we are a family of 7 now. We have a boy, a boy dog that is. Milo came to live with us a couple of months ago and we love him. He is my dog. Eldon got him for me. I have wanted a dog for a long time, but I knew I was in no position to train a puppy. I wanted an adult dog that was already trained. I didn't want a small dog...(that whole Hollywood dog in a purse wearing jewels is really not me) well, Milo is a Giant Snauzer. He is giant indeed. We all love him very much, his temperment is great. He is my dog. He follows me everywhere. He cried at the door if I go outside without him...he sleeps on the floor by my side of the bed. He follows me if I get up to pee in the night. He is everything I wanted: patient with kids, loyal, and really, his bark and size would scare the crap out of a prowler. He is also cute.
Pictures to follow.

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Demi said...

You know.... pictures didn't follow.
On my blog, there is a list of all the blogs I follow. The ones with the most recent post are at the top. It is my way of keeping track of the blogs I follow. Yours is at the very bottom. I miss you and I want to know what is going on in your life.
I suppose you could send an email, or even call, now that would be somethin.
Love Demi